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For over 15 years, we’ve been hosting events that leave a lasting impression. We craft memorable and personalised experiences for our clients, helping them build meaningful connections with their customers. Our experiential activations are designed not only to stand out, but as opportunities to capture great content.
We’ve curated and executed events for the likes of Casillero del Diablo, Martini, Lulu Guinness, Wimbledon and many more.

Guest List

The success of your event depends on the right audience mix. Inviting key stakeholders, relevant connections and potential customers maximises the impact of your event, providing networking opportunities, potential sales and positive word-of-mouth. If everyone has a blast, they’ll let people know about it and your brand.


Working with performers and guest speakers requires meticulous planning and coordination. Understanding the event’s theme and audience is essential for selecting the right talent. Effective communication, contracts and rehearsals ensure smooth execution, while engaging performers elevate the event’s experience and leave a lasting impression on your audience.

Red Carpet

High-profile red carpet events can ensure all eyes are on your brand. Having the right guests, such as influencers and industry leaders, at your event enhances its prestige, generates media attention and strengthens brand associations. Press coverage from reputable media outlets further boosts brand visibility, credibility and attracts potential customers.

Event Branding

The art of branding an event lies in cohesive visual elements and messaging. Invitations carry the brand’s personality and table decorations mirror its style. Step and repeats create backdrops for photo ops, while thoughtful gifting keeps your brand top of mind long after the event.

Our Work

We’d love to tell your story next. Let’s schedule a face-to-face to discuss how we can do that.


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